Honey House

Mobile Medical Unit

The Honey House is a tiny house that will be used as a mobile medical unit for Brian Ilg, a 9-year-old boy with epidermolysis bullosa. Having EB is like being a walking burn victim, and treatment is limited. Mary Emerson ran marathons and fundraised online to be able to afford the house.


  • Walk-in Whirlpool Bathtub

This will allow Brian to submerge himself in the water without the risk of climbing over the edge of the bathtub.

  • Climate Control

Brian is unable to regulate his body temperature because of all the skin he is missing. Brian is hot in his bandages not and needs the temperature at 68 degrees. When he's out of his bandages, he's at risk for hypothermia.

  • Storage Space

Brian's medical supplies occupy multiple rooms in the family's home. The Honey House will provide an outlet for all of his supplies.

  • C Graham

    I read the whole article. I didn’t think I could get through it with all the pain Brian is in and wondering how his parents can be so strong to go through this. My heart is very heavy. These are true unsung heroes. Nurse Emerson, you are a Godsend. An Angel. Even though you may not be able to help with a cure, you are going that extra distance to help these children live more comfortably. To all parents who have children with EB, I salute you. I know a mother of an EB patient. She was my father’s caretaker for a while. She was a strong person with a big heart then, and now that she has 3 daughters, including one with EB, I am sure she is even stronger and has an even bigger heart. I pray for every person who is touched by EB. I pray for a cure. To Brian, you hang in there Big Man, there are more people out here than you know pulling for you. You are a very brave young man, something you should be extremely proud of. My heart and love goes out to you.